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Volunteer with Us!

There are so many ways to volunteer at the YWCA! We welcome volunteers of all ages, skills, and abilities. Volunteers support our programming and events, help us take care of our building, and allow our children to learn from community members. We work to match volunteers with projects that suit their interests and talents, while providing the opportunity to grow their capabilities.

YWCA Central Maine has partnered with individual and group volunteers, as well as students seeking volunteer hours and skill-based experience. The YWCA has also hosted corporations for days of service, including employees from  Liberty Mutual, Mechanical Savings, and Proctor & Gamble.

Prior volunteers have helped worked together to clean up and enhance the YWCA playground and backyard space; organized, cleaned, and painted our community building; planted flowers and tended on-site gardens; prepared culturally significant food for community distribution; assisted in classrooms and after-school programs; and so much more!

We are so grateful to enhance or programming and maintain our community building through the generous support of community volunteers like you!

Day of Service

If you or your organization or workplace is interested in volunteering with the YWCA, please contact us at 207-795-4050.

English Conversation Partnership

YWCA Central Maine is pleased to continue to support English language acquisition by facilitating one-on-one conversation partnerships between community members. 1:1 conversation allows students at all levels to practice English with a native or fluent English speaker, while also developing friendships in the community. English conversations will help students practice English grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, slang/nuances, accent, and more.

Volunteers will be trained by a TESOL certified former university language instructor on key strategies for learning English through conversation, to help you support your learning partner. Both parties should be willing to commit to meeting for approximately one hour per week (virtually or in person). This program will be completely free to participants and stipends may be available for volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer to be a conversation  partner, or would like to be matched with a partner to practice your English, please fill out this simple formWe accept volunteer conversation partners on a rolling basis throughout the year!

Translation & Interpretation

We are always in need of volunteer translators and/or interpreters. Volunteering to translate information about or programs or to interpret at an event allows us to serve more members of our community! We have projects of all sizes and need translators for many languages–please contact Amanda Hatch for more information.

Other Opportunities

Other opportunities to volunteer may include:

  • Volunteering planning and/or coordinating events
  • Playground and grounds cleanup
  • Painting, cleaning, and organizing our community building
  • Aquatics program assistance
  • Planting flowers and tending on-site gardens
  • Preparing culturally significant food for community distribution
  • Assisting in classrooms and after-school programs
  • Providing music or art experiences for children and youth
  • Picking up donations, such as food for our food & nutrition program
  • Providing in-kind skilled labor

If you are interested in volunteering but not sure where to start, please email Amanda Hatch, Director of Programs & Mission Impact, at or reach out to Member Services at 207-795-4050.