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Intro to Paddle board Stretch and Strength

Learn the basics of Stand Up Paddle boarding
We’ll start right here at the YWCA, on the water, where you’ll learn how to:
  • safely get on and off a board
  • learn proper standing technique
  • paddling techniques
  • turning the board
  • feeling the waves and help you get your “sea legs”

We will cover safety techniques and all the “rules of the road”.  We will also discuss board anatomy, and the care and choosing of the right board and paddle for you.

This 1.5 hour intro to Stand Up Paddle is a great form of exercise and perfect for those who have never paddled.


Check at the front desk for date and times of the next paddle boarding  class.


  • Check at the front desk

Lap and Learn Master Swim Program

Lap and Learn Master Swim Program

YWCA Central Maine

Looking to improve your strokes and endurance to become a more efficient swimmer?

Are you swimming in the Isleboro Crossing for LifeFlight, Peaks to Portland, Nubble Light, the Sebago Challenge, or Tri for a Cure?

The YWCA Central Maine offers a Master Swim Program for adults! The program offers structured workouts to help swimmers of all abilities to attain their individual goals and training is adaptable to each participant’s fitness level. The Master Program is a perfect opportunity to change up your work out, improve your swimming skills, or train for a swim competition!


For more information call the YWCA Central Maine at 795-4050 or email class instructor and YWCA Assistant Aquatic Director, Will McCorkle at wdmccorkle12@gmail.com.



Single Gender Swim

single-gender-swimThe Single Gender Swim is a women-only swim time for all women ages 14+. The program was created to address the needs of Muslim women who may want to swim in a private environment. During the Single Gender Swim, the large pool viewing windows are curtained and only female lifeguards and swim instructors are present. Women are encouraged to wear the clothing that they are most comfortable in in the pool-some women wear hijabs and some wear traditional bathing suits. The Single Gender Swim runs every Saturday 12pm-2pm. For the first hour participants can take part in a water fitness class in the shallow end of the pool, followed by an hour of swim lessons from 1pm-2pm. Participants can come for either water fitness or swim lessons, or stay for both. Women of all swimming abilities, including those who have never swam, are unfamiliar with or afraid of water, are welcome to attend. The Single Gender Swim has a suggested donation of $2 and is open to all, regardless of ability to pay.





A huge thank you to Hillview Lewiston Resource Center Aspirations program for beautifying the YWCA’s Single Gender Swim curtains! Students in the program painted portraits and quotes from important feminists in history on the curtains used for privacy during our Single Gender Women’s Swim lessons. This collaborative project was a part of their Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Thank you to all the student artists for this amazing contribution to the YWCA community!


Have you experienced breast cancer? The YWCA Encore helps relieve discomfort and restore mobility, flexibility and confidence through gentle warm water exercise. This is a free ongoing session based program designed specifically for those who have experienced breast cancer. After surgery and treatment for breast cancer, many experience numbness, pins and needles, a loss of mobility and strength, and discomfort in their upper bodies. The Encore program is designed to address these issues through warm water gentle exercises.

  • Contact the Dempsey Center (207) 795-8250 or www.dempseycenter.org

Water Fitness Classes

Low Intensity Shallow Water Class: Exercises that increase flexibility and range of motion using pieces of equipment such as noodles, barbells, disks and weights.

Low Intensity Deep Water Class: Great work out for those recovering from muscle, bone or joint injuries. Flotation belts will enable participants to focus on strengthening different muscle groups and improving flexibility.

Moderate Intensity Class: This class uses resistance equipment, steps and cardiovascular exercise to improve flexibility, increase muscle strength, and enhance one’s general levels of fitness.

High Intensity Class: Designed to increase stamina, improve cardiovascular function and breathing through the use of vigorous exercise with weights, resistance equipment and steps.

Aqua Stretch: This class focuses on improving balance, increasing core strength, and enhancing flexibility using a variety of pieces of water exercise equipment.

Aqua Kickbox: Aqua Kickboxing classes combine aqua movement, music and the fundamentals of kickboxing for the ultimate fun, whole body workout! This is an energetic blend of traditional aqua choreography. This water aerobics cardio class is a “no contact” class that will help you burn calories and tone into shape. Mo experience necessary and you don’t need to be in shape to get started..

Swim Lessons

Parent & Child Level A: Ages 6 months – 3 years
This class is designed for children who have either no water experience or one previous session of water adjustment lessons.

Parent & Child Level B: Ages 18 months – 3 years
Parents participate with children to learn water adjustment and safety skills. This class is designed for children who: have had two or more previous sessions of water adjustment lessons, or swim independently with flotation.

Parent & Child Level C: Ages 3-7 years.
This class is designed for children who have no water experience or are fearful of entering the water without a parent.

Preschool Swim: Ages 3 – 5 years
Preschool Level 1,2 & 3 swim lessons, which focus on the developmental skills of preschool aged children. No parent in the water.


Level 1
Introduction to Water Skills
The focus of this level is to help students feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely. Elementary aquatic skills are taught. Skills include water entry and exit, breathing and submerging, floating, treading, arm movements, kicking on front and back, and changing direction and position. Classes are taught with instructor support as needed.

Level 2
Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Skills introduced include gliding and floating independently, breathing control, picking up submerged objects, treading and swimming a combined arm and leg stroke for at least 15 feet on front and back.
Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1 or the student must be comfortable entering and exiting the water, submerging independently, and floating on the front and back.

Level 3
Stroke Development
Skills introduced include front crawl with rotary breathing, elementary backstroke, dolphin kick, scissors kick, treading, survival floating and beginner diving.
Prerequisite: Completion of Level 2 or the student must be able to float on their back independently for five seconds and swim unassisted for five body lengths.

Level 4
Stroke Improvement
Skills introduced include diving, underwater swimming, turns, front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, elementary backstroke and sidestroke.
Prerequisite: Completion of Level 3 of the student must be able to enter water head first and jump into deep water, swim 15 yards front crawl with rhythmic breathing, tread or float for 30 seconds and swim 15 yards elementary backstroke.

Level 5
Stroke Refinement
Students will work to improve and perfect all swim strokes while also building strength and endurance. Additional diving, surface dives and flip turns are taught.
Prerequisite: Completion of Level 4, or the student must be able to jump into deep water and swim front crawl and elementary backstroke continuously for 25 yards each, and swim 15 yards each of breaststroke and back crawl.

Level 6
Swimming and Skill Proficiency
Students will refine their swim strokes and turns to a high level of fluency and endurance to swim 500 yards continuously. In addition, skills modules such as Personal Water Safety, Fundamentals of Diving or Fitness Swimmer will be introduced.
Prerequisite: Completion of Level 5 or the student must be able to perform a shallow dive, swim 50 yards continuously of front crawl and elementary backstroke, and 25 yards each of breaststroke and back crawl.


Adult Swim Lesson: Ages 15 and older
Designed for non-swimmers who will learn basic water skills including water adjustment, floating and basic safety precautions, as well as swimmers who have mastered floating, prone glide beginning crawl stroke, back float, and basic backstroke.