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Our history


The YWCA of Central Maine has a proud history beginning in 1878 when it began as the Women’s Benevolent Association. In its early years it was housed in buildings located at the corner of Bates and Pine Streets in Lewiston and on Main Street in Auburn. The YWCA served as a place for international travelers coming to the Lewiston-Auburn area to stay, as well as housing for women relocating to the ‘big city’ to work as hair dressers, nurses, etc. It served as a place for women to receive support services particularly during the war years. Though the organization has changed locations throughout its long history, its present building located at 130 East Avenue has remained as its central location since 1971 with expansions and renovations allowing for greater recreational and health services. Our core programs consist of aquatics, childcare, recreation and health, and advocacy relating to women and children issues.



Member Benefits

  • Members, first and foremost, support the important work YWCA’s do, locally and nationally, toward eliminating racism and empowering women.
  • Members have access to a wide range of free or discounted classes and programs for personal, professional and physical development.
  • Memberships are transferable to any other YWCA in the United States.
  • Members increase leadership skills by serving on YWCA committees, boards and task forces.

How much is a membership? Basic memberships are available for a small yearly fee, which gives you discounts on all of our swim programs and helps to support our programming.

Basic memberships cost:
Child 0-12 years: $35/year
Youth 13-17 years: $40/year
Adults 18 years and older: $60/year
Seniors: $50/year
All children 3-years and younger swim free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Aquatics memberships




There are so many ways to volunteer at the YWCA! We welcome volunteers of all ages, with all skills and abilities. Volunteers support our programming and events, help us take care of our building, and allow our children to learn from community members. We work to match volunteers with projects that suit their interests and talents, while providing the opportunity to grow their capabilities.

The YWCA has volunteer projects for individuals and groups, as well as students seeking volunteer hours and skill-based experience. The YWCA has offered corporate volunteer days for Liberty Mutual and Proctor & Gamble. In the past year, employees of both companies have worked together to clean up and enhance the YWCA playground and backyard space. During the 2015-2016 school year, the Lewiston High School Jobs for Maine Graduates program completed over 8,000 hours of volunteering on projects ranging from building maintenance to helping out in our classrooms. The YWCA also works with the State of Maine ASPIRE program to provide women with opportunities to develop job skills.

If you or your organization or workplace are interested in volunteering with the YWCA, please contact us at 207-795-4050.

Friendraising & Fundraising

The YWCA of Central Maine is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization supported largely through generous contributions from individuals like you. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us advance our mission to eliminate racism and empower women and girls. The need for you to help is great and the opportunities are plenty.

Host a FRIENDRAISING or FUNDRAISING Event! What is FRIENDRAISING? Friendraising is a way for you and your friends to learn more about YWCA Central Maine and what we do. Host an informal dinner party, a brunch, or just have a few friends over to spend some time hearing and talking about the YWCA mission and how we carry it out. We’d love to share what the YWCA mission means locally and how it is reflected in the services we provide. You also will have the opportunity to learn about ways you can support and be involved in the YWCA of Central Maine.

Throw a FUNDRAISER for the YWCA of Central Maine! Sponsor a car wash, BBQ or even a golf tournament with your friends, co-workers, members of your faith groups or other members of your circle. Together we can build the resources to enrich the lives of women and children.

Please contact us for more information about how to become involved in FRIENDRAISING or FUNDRAISING for the YWCA of Central Maine at 207-795-4050.


Since its earliest inception, the YWCA Central Maine has been an organization built on community funding. It has always been the nickels and dimes from those who value our work that has made our programming possible. When you donate to the YWCA, your contribution is bigger than programming or operational support, it is an investment in creating a more just and equitable Lewiston-Auburn community- one in which women, girls, and people of color are safe, valued, and thriving. The YWCA believes that all of our services should be fully accessible and your donation benefits our most impactful programs, including:

  • Childcare and aquatic scholarships.
  • Free and low-cost therapeutic and culturally responsive swim programs.
  • Social justice and advocacy programming and events.
  • The nutritious food program in our preschool classrooms and after school program.
  • Free and reduced summer swim time for youth through collaborations with other local service providers, including: Tree Street Youth, Maine Immigration and Refugee Services, Lewiston Housing Authority Hillview Resource Center, and Lewiston Schools 21st Century Program.
  • The free-of-cost Girls on the Run team.

Eliminating racism and empowering women is no small undertaking. Fortunately, it is a mission that the YWCA shares with the whole community in order to make our community whole! Your support, no matter how large or small, strengthens our work for gender and racial justice and helps provide equal access to health, wellness, and childcare resources in Lewiston-Auburn. The YWCA thanks you for your generosity!

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